At the Beginning of Everything

Years ago, I wanted to be a film critic. Before that, I wanted to write a help column. And long before that, I wanted to talk about books.

If I’m being honest, none of those desires ever went away. I still love discussing content, and in this modern day and age, I use the internet to devour book and movie reviews for everything I finish to see what stood out to other readers and viewers. I can’t help but wonder if the last thing the internet needs is another self-proclaimed critic, but the idea of hosting a community of like-minded readers and viewers is too tempting to pass up.

So here I am. An outspoken bibliophile with a longing for equality and a love for red lipstick. A shy cinephile with a delight for cinematography and an eye for the meaningful use of color. If you’re reading this, thank you for joining me 🙂


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